Oral Cancer Screening

At Brighten Dental, we care about your overall wellness, and we are happy to offer oral cancer screenings in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to help our patients to detect signs of cancer early on while it is still easily preventable.

What To Expect During Your Screening

Your oral cancer screening will consist of a physical and visual examination. During the physical exam, our dentist will feel your face and neck structures with consent. Dr. Chrislyn Fite will then visually inspect your mouth and throat tissues to look for any abnormalities.

The entire process should take as little as two minutes.
Oral Cancer Screening

Protecting Yourself From Oral Cancer

There is a lot you can do to protect yourself from getting oral cancer. Besides visiting the dentist regularly and getting oral cancer screenings, here are some other ways to protect yourself:

  • Avoid tobacco
  • Protect your lips and skin when outside
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet
  • Drink alcohol in moderation

Are You Ready To Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening?

Come visit us at Brighten Dental for an oral cancer screening and receive true comprehensive dental care. Our dentist and team are committed to helping you maintain excellent oral and overall health so you can smile better for a lifetime. Please contact our office at 270-770-0250 with any questions!

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